Nuffnang anjur contest "Design Kredit Kad"

Kepada sesiapa yang kreatif tu, jom design kad kredit dan menang.

Copy n paste from email

Greetings Nuffnanger,
If you’ve always wanted to see your design pop up and be recognized all over the world, then you’ll want to keep reading for an opportunity of a lifetime!
For all you know, you can be walking away with a brand new Macbook Pro with Retina Display worth RM4,599 or 2 x iPad Mini(s) 16GB worth RM999 each! And best of all, a brand new Credit Card will feature YOUR design and brand name when you come up with the best design of all!
You’ve definitely read that right, your amazing design could be featured onto the new Credit Card for everyone to keep and everyone will come to recognize you!
To get your chance at fame, all you have to do is to follow the instructions below:
1.       Create a design that you think is best featured on the new Youth Credit Cardand save it in .jpeg format at a maximum of 10MB.
MINIMUM dimensions:
2,022px (width) x 1,275px (height)
21.06 inches (width) x 13.28 inches (height)

      2.       Blog the concept and idea behind your design and give your new Youth Credit Card a rocking name!
3.       Submit your Credit Card name and design using the form below.
4.       This contest will be featured from the 4th of March (Monday) to 17th of March 2013 (Sunday)!
5.       Best design chosen by an internal panel of judges will be walking away with the brand new Macbook Pro with Retina Display!
For more information, hop on to our blog right here:
Come on Nuffnangers, it’s time to wake up your right brain and come up with a mind-blowing creative design that will wow us all!
Good luck and happy designing!


Laura Lee
Community Executive
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

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