Premium akaun free 60 hari!

Siapa yang nak mencuba version premium? Ini adalah rentetan kisah saya diterima menjadi trainer! Tengok okey tak function semuanya... 60 hari jerla kasi free guna premium pastu kena unsubcribe ar plak...
Sebenarnya Lin pun masih dalam tempoh mencuba dan belajar lagi ni. 
Jomlah belajar sama2. Kita mencuba sesuatu yang baru. Semua dah tersedia tinggal nak guna jer lagi. 


Tempoh 60 hari jer tau! Kalau amsih blur apakah tu sila BACA PASAL LOT.MY

Ni copy email dari team lot/my tu

Dear Azlina,
Thank you for supporting
Firstly, as promised, the link for you to enable the 60 Days Free-Trial for your customer(s) is ready. Please click here.
The steps are very simple. Just provide the link to your trainee(s) for them to sign up instead of subscribing through the home page of Once they've sign up via the given link, they can enjoy the features of the Premium Account for FREE for the next 60 days. Then, if your customer(s) decide not to use anymore, they can always unsubscribe from the Premium Account without any charge as long as it is done within the 60 days period. 
Secondly, we are in the midst of finalizing the Trainers Resource page. On that page, trainers can download the power point slides and the training module that we've developed. You are encourage to use the resources given as a guidance during the training session with your customer(s).
That's all for now.
Regards, Team, "E-commerce should be as easy as A, B and C"

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