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Arini Lin nk jwb tagged drpd eira ni...TQ eira...
Kena jawab soklan yg maleh tp nk award itulah syaratnya..haha

 1.Write 5 intresting facts about the person who gave you this award?
•Seorang gadis yg berZODIAK GEMINI
• A simple ordinary girl
• Suker Join contest & giveaway! (mcm sayerla...)
•Accounting student
• Love to shopping and playing chess

2. Write down 10 intresting facts about yourself and your hobby?
• Manager kecik!hahaha
• Engineering student but now work more to administration!
• Tasik Chini...
• My buffday hv cute no. 8384!
• My car plate no is 8284!
• My phone no. is 85841
• My other phone no. is 8784!
• Surfing 24hr!haha
• Happy Go Lucky
• Very sensitive gurl....

3. Pick your most 10 deserving recipients and describe them.
Sorila...xreti nk describe sorg2...masa itu emas...hahaha
Cute Mum
Kak Wawa Toonsgarden

4. Link the blog of the person who gives this award to you?


  1. lynn..
    thanks for this.. kakyong masuk list dulu.. nanti akan di tampal di http://www.kakyong.com


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